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Title: Forever My Love (Awakened Passion, Book One)

Author: Dr. Annie Gainous Thompson

Publisher:  Self-published

Release Date: November 7, 2023

Genre: Romance, Suspense

E-book ASIN: B0CM4K615P

ISBN: 979-8891093690 (paperback)

Trigger warnings: Sex, violence, imprisonment, kidnapping, gun violence, murder,
attempted rape

Audience: 13+

Spice rating: Sexual content (M/F consensual kissing, sexual relations)

Tropes: Strong female friendship, strong male friendship, family hidden secrets, flirty
interaction, suspense, family drama, deceit, mystery, criminal intent.

A hungering desire. A simmering passion. Can love survive the deceitful trick to find the
ultimate truth.

Blurb/Back cover copy:
In the scorching heat of a passionate encounter, a tempestuous love story ignites, leaving no heart unscathed. Sheia Barrett is a bewitching beauty with a heart as pure as her innocence. Unbeknownst to her, she possesses a power that can awaken the deepest desires in a man's soul. And in the shadow of her allure stands Bradley Kanter, a magnetic enigma with a heart encased in stone. But love's path is never a smooth one, and the challenges that lie ahead are both unexpected and treacherous.


In a world where love is said to conquer all, Sheia refuses to accept that pleasure can exist without the anchor of love, and Bradley insists that love is merely an illusion in the face of all- consuming lust. As their undeniable chemistry blazes like wildfire, she becomes determined to win Bradley's heart and prove that love is the ultimate force.


Can Sheia's awakened passion for handsome Bradley Kanter withstand the trials that fate has
in store? Or will their fiery connection burn bright only to fizzle out in the end?


Join us in the thrilling beginning of the Forever My Love Trilogy and get ready to be swept away by a romance that will leave you breathless and longing for more.

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